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About Us

We manage our clients’ property projects and advice professionally in an environment of trust, which enables them to focus on their core business.

Our Policy

Our Policy is to ensure that each project has at least one senior member of our team allocated to it in either an overview, strategic or advisory role, guaranteeing that all of our Clients can access and benefit from the knowledge and experience of all our senior team.

Continuity and Results

Auric Projects maintains the same team for the full project duration, providing continuity and minimising risks of knowledge loss that result from people transitioning through a project.

Benefits to our Clients

The combination of these factors ensures Auric Projects can deliver levels of project momentum, team efficiency and knowledge retention that maximise benefits to our Clients.

Our People

Auric’s knowledge bank is divested across all senior Auric Projects personnel. Our personnel are experienced in leading large teams, but are also adept at integrating into an existing Client team to bolster its internal capabilities.

Our Commitment





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